Race and Wealth Inequality in the USA

Plotting data from the Survey of Income and Program Participation (2013)

I’ve been interested in race and inequality (or “group inequality”) for some time (see the Background section. The recent publication of the 2013 Survey of Income and Participation presents a window into what wealth inequality looks like in the USA. What can we do with the survey data? [Read More]
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How to set up a site like mine

Even when you're a dilettante

I needed to re-do my website. But, I’m not particularly good at understanding html, github, and related issue. Nonetheless, even a dilettante like me was able to set up a jekyll-enabled site to replace my old site and add a blog. So, what outcomes did I want and how did... [Read More]
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Some basic fact-checking

I saw the report by SAIRR (2017) and used by a friend in a Facebook discussion (you can get the report here). I didn’t believe the numbers he cited from the report, so I wanted to download the data and check them. The main data are from Africa (2016). I... [Read More]
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