Introductory Statistics and Econometrics Schedule

Week 12

Tuesday 17 April

Wednesday 18 April

Thursday 19 April

Week 11

Tuesday 10 April

Wednesday 11 April


  • Continue with Simple Regression

Week 10

Tuesday 3 April

  • Review & Type I and Type II errors

Wednesday 4 April

  • Time for some question about alcohol exercise
  • Time for questions re: midterm
  • Start on lab 6: pdf and docx
  • Data available here: Card and Krueger

Thursday 5 April

  • Midterm 2

Week 9

Weds 28 March

  • Move to complete Alcohol Exercise

Thurs 29 March

Wednesday 21 March

  • Continue with the alcohol exercise from 7 March (look below)
  • Hand in Lab 3 on Moodle

Thursday 22 March

Week 7

Tuesday 6 March

Weds 7 March

  • Over the next two labs we will complete the Alcohol Exercise docx pdf
  • You will hand in initial exploratory answers for Lab 3 using the Lab 3 Template docx, pdf
  • Here is a zipped file of the folder structure you will need to complete this exercise (to save you time): folder-structure.
  • You will create a sign in (with your Smith email address) and download the data set from the ICPSR site: You can sign in with Google+ credentials (e.g. your Smith email), Facebook and others.

Thurs 8 March

Week 6

Tuesday 02/27


Week 5

We continued the probability slides from the previous week.

Wednesday’s classes were cancelled because of Rally Day.

Week 4


Wednesday 02/14

Thursday 02/15

Week 2




  • We continue to work with the spreadsheet of heights, focusing on mean, median, mode, variance and standard deviation.
  • You can get the handout on summary statistics from class here
  • A quick video tutorial on copy/pasting a formula into a column is available here: