Microeconomics: Competition, Conflict and Coordination

Samuel Bowles, Duncan Foley and Simon Halliday


Provisional Cover Provisional Cover

“Most of the people in the world are poor, so if we knew the economics of being poor, we would know much of the economics that really matters …”


Samuel Bowles, Duncan Foley and I (Simon Halliday) have an ongoing joint project writing an intermediate microeconomics textbook: Microeconomics: Competition, Conflict and Coordination (henceforth CCC). On this site, you will find preliminary content that we are providing to test-teachers who are planning to use draft chapters of the book as well as tips and pointers to do with teaching the book.

Simon, Sam and Duncan at SFI, Summer 2015 Simon, Sam and Duncan at SFI, Summer 2015

If you wish to sign up to be a test-teacher of the book (or even just a test-reader), then please provide your details in the following Google form so that we can gather your details. (If you’re unable to see the embedded form below, then please click here).

We believe the book is now ready to be taught by other professors, especially those interested in how economics has changed over the past thirty years. Once you have reviewed chapters of the book we’ll ask you to provide feedback to us in another Google Form (to be provided later). The book is under review by prospective publishers (summer 2017).

What are the flavors CCC?

MBIE, 2006, PUP MBIE, 2006, PUP

Though written for undergraduates, in content CCC has a strong flavor of Sam’s graduate-level textbook, Microeconomics: Behavior, Institutions, and Evolution published by Princeton University Press in 2006. As an advanced text, though, it is not suitable for many undergraduate classes because of the high level of the math and certain other aspects of its theoretical rigor.