My name is Simon D. Halliday.

  • I am an associate professor of Economics Education in the School of Economics at the University of Bristol, UK. You can contact me at You can find my cv here.
  • I was previously an assistant professor of economics at Smith College, MA, USA; a lecturer at Royal Holloway, University of London, and lecturer at the University of Cape Town.
  • I teach intermediate microeconomics, behavioral economics, development economics, the political economy of African development, introductory statistics and econometrics, and introductory microeconomics.
  • I do research in behavioral and experimental economics, with a focus on social preferences (reciprocity and social norms) and institutions (ratings, punishment, communication).
  • I also conduct work in applied microeconomics and data science in economcs, such as a recent paper applyng machine learning to a corpus of economics texts.
  • I also have a strong interest in research in economics education, particularly with respect to data literacy, data analysis, R and more.
  • I am the co-author (with Sam Bowles) of an intermediate microeconomics textbook Microeconomics: Competition, Conflict and Coordination published with Oxford University Press (2022)

My educational background

  • PhD: University of Siena, Italy, 2007-12
  • MA (Creative Writing: Poetry), University of Cape Town (UCT), South Africa, 2006-7
  • M. Comm (Economics), UCT, 2005-6
  • B. Com (Hons, Economics), UCT, 2004
  • B. Soc. Sci (Economics & English Literature), UCT, 2001-2003


I use my middle initial (that pesky ‘D’) because there’s a former rugby player by the name of Simon Halliday and you wouldn’t want to confuse us.